Upgrading to 5.12

First, make a reliable backup of your files, just in case any of this doesn't go smoothly for you. Then make sure you've already updated your GoZync files to version 5.09. Version history and migration instructions are here.

Then, download the latest version of the GoZync files here.

Replace your copy of GoZyncHosted with the new GoZyncHosted file from the 5.12 download package. Next, select “Relogin” from the Scripts menu in this new GZH file to log in as “administrator” (using the default password shown on the "License Admin" screen), and make these three changes:

1. Re-enter your license information. If you don't have it, contact us with either your original order number or the email address you used to make the purchase and we'll look it up for you.

2. On the “Downloads” screen, delete “GoZyncMobile” and “WorxMobile”. Then upload your own mobile files following the instructions here after you've fixed their fmurlscript extended privileges (below).

3. Edit the "Call Test GTRR in their Hosted File" script. Change the Perform Script step to run the "TEST Go To Related Records (Parent and Child To Test)" script from your hosted file. 

The 5.12 build also adds the fmurlscript extended privilege to GoZyncMobile and to your Mobile file. FMP URLs are used when downloading new versions of your files from GoZync. To add these extended privileges in your copy, open your mobile files in FileMaker Next and click on the Extended Privileges tab under Manage / Security. Then click on "fmurlscript" and assign that to any privilege sets that will be using GoZync's file-update features.

Now you're ready to upload these mobile files to GoZyncHosted.

That's it!