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Some useful definitions...

...for things we might not have been explicit about elsewhere.

API - "Application Programming Interface" - These are scripts written so developers can tell GoZync what to do without having to modify all the scripts that do it. =) More on the idea of an API from wikipedia.

Butterfly - Used to describe the type of relationship graph used in GoZyncMobile where from one context (the GoZync table occurrence) you can manipulate records in both the hosted and mobile files. When you're on the GoZync table occurrence you're at "the center of the butterfly".

Child - The related table occurrence in a parent-child pair. For example, an "Invoice" is a record made of an invoice record and one or more invoice line item records. The table "Invoices" is the parent and the table "Invoice Lines" would be the child.

Entity - More than a record, an entity is the database's depiction of a real-world object, usually comprising more than one record. So a "contact" is an entity comprised of a contact record and possibly one or more address records. An "invoice" is comprised of the invoice record, one or more invoice line item records, and perhaps several related photo records. GoZync is transactional at the "entity" level. Whole entities are passed from mobile to host and back so you never have a "partial" entity-- an invoice with only some of its line items, for example.

Foreign Key - the primary key from another table, used inside a child table to link records together. So if we have Invoices and Invoice Line Items, the line items table contains a field for the invoice id: that is the foreign key in the line items table.

GTRR - Shorthand for the "Go To Related Record" script step.

GZH - GoZyncHosted.fmp12

GZM - GoZyncMobile.fmp12

Mothership - our shorthand name for your hosted solution. We use this name because it (correctly) implies that your mobile solution is usually / should be a much simpler, mission-specific, version of your, more complicated, hosted solution: the "mothership."

Primary Key - This is the unique ID or serial number for your record. A contact's ID in a contact's database. This is probably a field you're already using to relate tables to each other.

Primary TO or Parent TO - The parent table occurrence for your entity. For example, an "Invoice" is a record made of an invoice record and one or more invoice line item records. The "Invoice" table is the Primary or Parent TO. It is a list of Zynced primary TO layouts you see in the configuration of GoZyncHosted: "child" TOs are indented in that list.

Source Layout - The layout were we get the data during a sync. So when we're pulling, this is a layout prefixed with "gzh_". When pushing the source is prefixed with "gzm_".

TO - Short for "table occurrence" - a representation of a table on the "Relationships" tab of "Manage / Database"

Transaction - see the article "transactional".

UUID - A "universally unique id"; see our article on "UUIDs".