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Error Codes

What do error codes in the GoZync logs really mean?

Any errors encountered in the sync will be reported in the zync logs tabs in GoZyncMobile and GoZyncHosted.

Many of the errors will be self explanatory, but the guide below may help.

• 101 Record is missing. This is about the table occurrence, not the field.

Most likely reason for this is that you don't have "Allow creation of records..." set to "on" for this table in its relationship with GoZync in the graph of GoZyncMobile.

Turn "Allow creation..." on for the table occurrence mentioned in the error and then try again.

102 Field Missing

There are only a few reasons why you'd see a 102 error.

You've sent a field that doesn't exist in the destination. Remove the field from the sync layout on the source side (the sending side). Note that fields don't have to be on the sync layout in order to be received; fields only need to be there to be sent.

The field exists but has a different name in the destination. See Custom Field Mapping to transform the field name.

You've created a transformation (a custom field mapping) but your field is repeating and you haven't created a field mapping for each repetition.

If these don't apply, see the section "Other Sync Errors" under Troubleshooting.

106 Table is Missing

There is a mismatch between the table occurrence names on the mobile and hosted side of the relationship graph in GoZyncMobile. Even if your actual tables are named something different in the mobile and hosted files, the *occurrences* for those tables in GoZyncMobile's relationship graph need to have the same name (outside of the "gzm_" or "gzh_" prefixes).

You may connected the TO to GoZync on the destination side of the GoZyncMobile graph.

One other thing, that can be hard to spot at first, is that the relationship graph in GoZyncMobile *look* good, but the table occurrences--while named correctly--are either representing the wrong tables or are both pointing at the same file (ie gzm_Contacts and gzh_Contacts are both pointing to the contacts table in your hosted file, for example).

200 Record access is denied.

In this case, access to the records being synced is not permitted for the account being used. Permission must be granted in the mobile and hosted file for each field that will be synced.

301 Record is in use by another user. 

Commonly called "record lock".This is exactly what it sounds like: it's not a configuration error.

FileMaker couldn't edit the record (or one of the related records for that entity) because another user was editing it. Feel free to try and sync the record later when the original user has stopped editing it.

500-511 Validation Errors

These will occur when the data coming in fails to meet the validation criteria set up on one of your fields.

You can turn off the validation or change it from "always" to "only during data entry" which will stop it from firing during scripted set fields like those used in GoZync.

You could include a flag-field condition in the validation calculation, then set that flag at the start of the Zync routine, and clear it when it's done.

You could modify the "Commit Records/Requests" step in the "Zengine ( IDsToSync )" script to "Skip data entry validation".

Or you could remove the field validation altogether and instead write a script to do it, then run that script on the server.