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External Data Sources

Do I have to edit any Data Sources in GoZync?

There are only a couple External Data Sources (what we used to call File References) you need to worry about:

In Your Mobile File. You'll want a single reference to GoZyncMobile. This should look like this:


In GoZyncMobile. This needs three kinds of data sources. The first is a reference to GoZyncHosted and it will likely have two entries, like this:


The first of these entries works when the hosted and mobile files are on the same machine: such as when you first download GoZync. The second entry should point to the hosted version of GoZyncHosted on your host or FileMaker Server. This second line, where it says "your" should be the public address of your host or server. This is the address you'd type into FileMaker Go if you wanted to open one of your hosted files directly. If you're having trouble, try opening a hosted file directly on FileMaker Go. If that address works, that's the address to use in place of "your".

The second kind of reference is that GoZyncMobile needs a reference to each of your mobile files that you're Zyncing. These references are created as part of your integration, when you add your table occurrences to the relationship graph in GoZyncMobile and look like:


The third reference is to your hosted data files and should have two lines just like the reference to GoZyncHosted has: one for when you're working locally, and one for when you're not. The references should look like:


In GoZyncHosted. You don't need to change the references in GoZyncHosted unless you change the names of your files (below).

My iPad can't see GoZyncHosted even though we're on the same network

When you're playing wit GoZync inside your office, it can be common for your iPad to fail to find your hosted files the the first try. You may see a message like:

“Error 802 We have an internet connection, but we can’t reach GoZyncHosted.fmp12”

The reason is that you either didn't edit the external data sources in GoZyncMobile because you were working locally, or you entered an address for your server that doesn't work inside the building.

Finding the Correct (Public) IP Address

IP addresses that begin with 10., 172., or 196. are likely "internal" addresses, meaning that they only work within your local network; such addresses can't be used to sync from outside this network (from outside your building, for example) so you'll need to find the "public" address for your FileMaker Server or Host. Here's how.

1. If you're hosting with FileMaker Pro instead of server, go to FileMaker and open File / Sharing and select "Share With FileMaker Clients" (the wording is different in different versions of FileMaker). The following screen will tell you the IP address you're hosting under. There may be two so you'll have two to try in the steps below. If you're hosting with FileMaker server, the public address is probably the address you use to open the Admin Console: if that address uses works like "" that's it; if it uses numbers try to open the Admin Console using a numeric address that begins with something other than 10., 172., or 196.

2. Go to your iPad and try to open the hosted files manually using the "Hosts" tab of FileMaker Go. Enter the IP address you found above, or the IP address of your FileMaker Server. Eventually you'll see your hosted files listed, but you may need to try a few addresses.

Once you can see the hosted files listed for an address, that is your "public" address and is the address you'll enter into GoZyncMobile, replacing "" as described at the top of the page.

When GoZyncMobile has the correct external data sources in it, send a new copy to your iPad and you'll be able to sync.

My external data sources were wrong

If you had a problem with your data sources, be sure to quit FileMaker and reopen your files after fixing them. FileMaker can hold on to references to open files.

What if I rename my files?

No problem. You'll often need to rename your hosted files before uploading them to shared servers.

For GoZync 5.06 and earlier: the only file you CAN'T rename is GoZyncMobile, but since that file isn't hosted, that's OK. (If you're working with multiple mobile solutions, read this.)

If you rename GoZycHosted, be sure to update its External Data Sources path in GoZyncMobile to reflect the new file name. That means you'll want to upload a new copy of GoZyncMobile into GoZyncHosted for distribution. See "Preparing a new file for your mobile user" here" Distributing Mobile Files.

Renaming GoZyncMobile

As of GoZync 5.08, renaming GoZyncMobile is possible. If you’re not yet running build 5.08, follow the instructions under VersionHistory to get updated.

First, rename your GoZyncMobile file.

Then, in your mobile file, change the value in the _GoZyncMobile__ custom function to the new GoZyncMobile name.

Also in your mobile file, change the external data source reference to match the new GoZyncMobile name. Do not change the external data source name or delete the external data source; instead, modify the file path for the "GoZyncMobile" data source.

In GoZyncHosted, click the “GoZyncMobile File Name” button in the footer of the configuration tab, and enter the new filename (without the extension). Click the button again to close the dialog. This name is a global field so make sure you change it while the file is on your desktop, not on the server, or the change won't stick.

Now, run the “Zync - Prep and Upload…” script in your mobile file to upload new versions of your mobile files to GoZyncHosted. On the Downloads page in GoZyncHosted, the newly named GoZyncMobile file will appear as a separate file from the original “GoZyncMobile”; delete the original “GoZyncMobile” here.

That’s it!