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Date Formats

When pulling, I'm not seeing newly modified records and have to hit "reset" to pull changed records. What's going on?

FileMaker files use the date format of the computer where the file was created (or the next time you open a cloned file). If your file was created with U.K. dates for example, it will conflict with the GoZyncMobile file, which was created with U.S. dates.

Fortunately, this is easy to fix by cloning the GoZyncMobile file. (If you're using our sample "Worx" files you'll want to clone those as well.)

How to make a clone of GoZyncMobile

Make sure your "Region" on your computer's "Language & Region" System Preferences is set to your preferred country (language does not affect this). Then clone the GoZyncMobile file. To clone the GoZyncMobile file, open it, then select "Save a Copy As..." from the File menu. Choose "clone (no records)" as the Type. FileMaker will create a new file named "GoZyncMobile Clone" in the same folder as the original. Close the GoZyncMobile file, then rename the original file (or move it to another folder). Rename the "GoZyncMobile Clone" file to "GoZyncMobile" (same name as the original). Then open that file and click the "Refresh" button to repopulate the Mobile Apps and Dashboard screens.