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Multiple Files

Can I have multiple mobile files on my iPad / iPhone?

Yes. GoZync understands that your solution may have multiple files and in fact syncing a separated solution--where the interface and data files are separate on the mobile device--can be a great strategy.

There are a few different use cases for multiple files:

One Solution made up of several mobile files. This is the separated solution described above, where all your mobile uses get all the files in your mobile solution. You'll have one copy of GoZync mobile that contains table occurrences (TOs) for each table you're syncing, regardless of which file that table is in. There is just one copy of GoZyncHosted shared by all users. All users must have all the mobile files in the solution or FileMaker Go will ask for missing mobile files when you sync.

Several Different Mobile Solutions, but each user gets the files for every solution Under the hood this is no different from wiring up the "One solution" described above, though you may use ZyncIt scripts to limit which tables are synced from any given sync button so users aren't syncing all resident solutions every time. The big caveat here is that all mobile users need to have all mobile files on their devices. This is a limitation we can't get past since they can have only one copy of GoZync mobile on their device. Given this limitation, many developers choose to collapse the mobile solutions into one file (or at least one interface file) since that is easier to manage.

Some users get one solution, some users get another solution. In this case each solution would have it's own copy of GoZyncHosted and it's own copy of GoZync mobile. This can be tricky for the developer to keep straight as the GoZyncMobile copies all have the same name, but each pertains just to their own solution. Note that in this case none of the mobile files from one solution can contain external data source reference for mobile files in the other solution. If you're creating multiple solutions for different customers you'll need a Vertical Market License of GoZync for this setup to work.