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First Zync

First Zync

Testing your first sync

Once you've completed the integration for one table, you can test your sync. While you'll eventually want to test this from your iPhone, iPad, or laptop (offline) to your host/server, you can start testing right now, in FileMaker Pro, with all the files opened by the same copy of Pro.

(Remember, GoZync doesn't need FileMaker Server, so you can test it in Pro as you're developing.)


If you have many hundreds of records to sync you may want to filter down your found set so you only have a couple dozen records in each sync. This will sync really fast and let you run thought a lot of tests in less time, so you may want to change the beginning of the script "Filter Records to Pull" in your hosted file to something like this, adding the lines shown in blue:

You can learn more about filtering here: downloading found sets.

Zync It!

1. In your mobile file, make a new record on this layout and fill out a few fields – or if you're pulling records only, make a new record in the corresponding table of your hosted file.

2. Navigate to GoZyncMobile and click on the "Dashboard" tab. Click "refresh" if you don't see the entity you'd like to sync. Once you do, click "Zync Now" beside the entity you're interested in. (Once you've added GoZync's scripts to your file you can use a Zync - It button in your own layout to sync, but testing from GoZyncMobile just removes one more potential error... that your button calls the wrong script ;-)

3. In FileMaker Pro you'll see a progress bar as the sync completes. In FileMaker Go you'll see a spinning busy icon. If you only have a few records, or nothing has changed since the last sync, you may not see anything as the sync happens too quickly.

4. What happens next depends on the Zync Options you set for your table.

Push: If all you did was push, visit your hosted file and find the record you just created / edited on GoZyncMobile.

Pull: If you pulled, and you created a record in hosted, you should see that new record you created on the host now in your mobile file. If you see records missing from your mobile file, it is because they don't match your filters and GoZync thinks the records don't "belong to your device" any more. Learn more about  how GoZync handles deletes.

Round Trip: With only having created one new record, you'll see that new record in your hosted file.

See any errors?

If so, the logs are the first place to go: Reading the Logs.

You might also check out: Troubleshooting.

It is normal to have a few errors on the first sync: fields that may exist in one file and not the other are a common issue. But soon you'll be syncing error free and can then move on to wire up additional tables or start refining your filters.