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Email Databases

When you're distributing your mobile files you can click a button in GoZyncHosted's "Downloads" tab to send an email to your users containing a link to the database.

This email builds a link using the IP address of your FileMaker Server but in some cases you may want to change that to be a different address.

If you need to change that outbound message, log into GoZyncHosted as an administrator and edit the script "Email Link to Database". You'll want to enter the following values for "Subject" and "Message" and then customize both as you see fit:

Subject: "Download Zynced Files"

Message: "Please download the latest zynced apps here: " &¶ & ¶ & "fmp://" & Get ( HostIPAddress ) & "/" & GetAsURLEncoded ( Get ( FileName ) ) & ".fmp12"

& ¶ & ¶ &

"If you're using FileMaker Go on iPhone or iPad for the first time, please begin by downloading Go from the app store, the return here to download your zynced fies...¶¶" &

"• for iPad:" & ¶ & "• for iPhone:"