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Vertical Marketing Licenses

Other license situations: hosting, vertical markets, etc.

Unlimited Device License

Geist Interactive offers a  unlimited device license for ProZync: this is a great option for customers who have more than 20 synced devices. You can upgrade to the unlimited license at any time or the difference between it and what you've already purchased in Zync licenses so far. Get in touch for an upgrade quote.

Hosting Companies & Developers

Our unlimited license is NOT a reseller, dev, or hosting license. It is for a single customer with an unlimited number of syncing devices. NOT for an unlimited number of (your) customers.

If you are hosting for X different customers, you'll need X Zync licenses, each licensed for however many devices that customer has. Thus, for hosting, GoZync is a BYOL setup: the customer Brings Their Own License. Though you can certainly purchase it for them.

This is the same idea if you're a custom developer and see a lot of use for GoZync in various solutions you've developed for your customers. They'll each need their own license. If you're a custom developer or a hosting company and think you may have a number of customers needing GoZync, please get in touch as we may be able to offer you a discount.

And there is one more license type to consider

Vertical Market Licenses

If you have a software package that you sell--what we used to call "shrink wrapped software--you can use our Vertical Market license to get a single unlimited license that covers all the customers using your package...and install that on as many servers as you need to, be those your customer's servers, or your own.

Vertical Market licenses are designed to allow FileMaker developers to integrate SeedCode Products into packages intended for resale. Such packages are generally sold to multiple locations and our Vertical Market license waives the single site license requirement above, replacing it with a world-wide distribution license for one package.

Should you wish to employ a GoZync in more than 1 package you'd need to purchase one Vertical Market license per package.

For example, if you're a consultant developing software for a law firm, the firm would need a site license of GoZync. If you then decide this software is really great and you'd like to sell it to every law firm in NY, you'd need to upgrade to a Vertical Market license. If you then make a version for cardiologists, you'd need a second vertical market license for that new package.