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Integration 4 of 4

Overview: Relationships

While you've created your table occurrences and relationships in the Relationships tab of Manage / Database of GoZyncMobile, you still need to tell GoZync which tables you'd like to sync as related records and which you'd like to sync on their own.

Step 4.1: Teach GoZync about your relationships


You can only do this once you've added your related TOs to the graph of GoZyncMobile and created the required fields in those tables. That is, you need to have completed steps 1-3 for the related table itself before you can come here and tell GoZync which other TO it is related to.

So if you haven't done that yet, go ahead.

If you don't have related tables, or don't want to wire them up before you see the sync work, just skip this step and return to the integration overview to learn what's next and test your Zync.

Doing It.

Visit the Configuration tab of GoZyncHosted; that is where you'll teach the app about which TOs are related to each other.

While this doesn't take long, there is some thought to put into it, so we have a whole article devoted to this. Learn how to configure this here: Related Records.

Check your work

Take a look at what's showing up in the "requires" column of GoZyncHosted's Configuration tab. Do the IDs in use sound right to you? Are your child TOs indented from their parents? Have you filled out the "required" column for both the hosted and mobile sides of the Configuration tab?

You're Done. What's Next?

Congratulations! Next is Wrapping Up. Return to the integration overview to learn what's next and test your Zync.