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How does licensing work?


GoZync is licensed per mobile device; so if you have 10 iPads collecting data in the field, you'll need 10 licenses of GoZync.

These are total connected devices, not simultaneous connected devices.

Any FileMaker Pro clients you have--such as ones you're using for testing GoZync--also count as devices. Fortunately it is really easy to manage your devices if you want to remove these testing machines.

Levels: LowZync, ProZync Demo, and ProZync.

There are also different levels of GoZync. These differ in the number of table occurrences you can sync, and in the features available.  Learn more about levels.

Have a lot of devices or servers?

Learn about our Unlimited and Vertical Market Licenses:  more license options.

Managing Devices.

Purchasing Licenses

You can purchase additional licenses at at

Each license can be for a number of mobile devices, and your licenses within the same level add up. So if you start with a ProZync license for 3 devices, and then purchase a ProZync license for 2, when you enter those license codes into GoZyncHosted.fmp12 you'll be licensed fro 5 mobile devices.

When does GoZync check for licenses?

GoZync checks the license and seat count at the beginning of every sync, when a mobile file refreshes meta data from the server, when the mobile file downloads new data from the server, and when the mobile file requests a new version of itself.

Do I need a separate license for developing GoZync?

Maybe. If you're developing for a client and sync with the client's live system (if you ever do) you will take up a device license when you do so. We make it very easy for you to "make room for yourself" by deleting one of their devices.

When you have the client's system offline at your office and you're developing and syncing you can just use their license and don't need one of your own.

Need your LowZync License?

LowZync is the free version of GoZync and a license to Low usually comes with GoZync. But if you've deleted your license you can find a new one here.