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Low Zync

What are the limitations of the free version?

The free version is limited to...

Syncing one table occurrence,

Field and table names must be the same on both the mobile and host side.

Field level merge is not available in the free version.

Syncing up to 50 fields.

For up to 10 mobile devices.

Lastly,  custom field mapping (for doing things like  checkout) is not supported.

All the other features of GoZync are supported: the free version is still  transactional, and still supports the delivery of new mobile files.

You can use the free version was any single table in your own files, or use the example files that come with GoZync (WorxHosted and WorxMobile) indefinitely until you modify the tables or fields of those files--then you'll need to get a  two week demo license or a ProZync License to keep going.

We've made an exception in GoZync's licensing for this example file so that you can use it with LowZync even though it syncs two table occurrences. This is new in GoZync 5 and we felt it was important to provide an unlocked example of syncing related records and  checking out records.

Upgrading your license

Note that the free version uses the same code base as the  higher level of Zync-- ProZync--so you can begin with the free version, integrate and sync your first table, and then upgrade to ProZync without losing your work. You'll enter your new ProZync license and then have the ability to sync additional tables and devices.

I accidentally deleted my LowZync License

LowZync ships with a license to LowZync already in it. If you somehow delete this license, you'll want to re-enter it. Here is the license you'll need:

License: bWk2bklZY2M3Qk4sX2cwWUM5SUNhcG1BSmN5QktNSUNhcG5rNWc1QUdS

Registered To: Low Zync License 
Order Number:  Default