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Configure More

A few more things to check in your configuration.

There are a couple things about your configuration that we can't check for you. Please review the following two items before you manually mark the "more" column as "done".


Syncing requires that all users have IDs that don't conflict with each other. This isn't something you have to change in existing data, but you do need to change all your next serial numbers to UUID. This is simpler than you may think. Learn how here: more about UUIDs.

GoZync uses the "Go To Related Record" script step (abbreviated as GTRR) and you'll need to edit one script where this is spelled out. Learn more about setting up the GTRR script.

Importing Scripts into Your Mobile File

You'll want to import a few scripts into your file, only one of which needs to be modified. Learn more about adding scripts to your file.

All three done?

Once these three items are done, please return to the configuration screen and mark the "more" column as "done" for that table occurrence.