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Required Fields

You'll need to add a few fields to your tables to get GoZync to work

The fields are listed below. If you have FileMaker Advanced you can simply copy and paste these fields from one of GoZync's example files (be sure to copy the hosted fields from theĀ hostedĀ example file, the mobile ones fromĀ mobile).

If you don't have Advanced, just recreate the fields in your table, paying special attention to the field's type and auto-enter definition (if any). OrĀ get in touchand we can wire this up for you.

And while you need these fields in your tables, you DON'T want them on your sync layouts.


The hosted tables only requires two new fields. Copy these field from WorxHosted.fmp12:



Your mobile tables require four GoZync fields:


Copy these from WorxMobile.fmp12 (our mobile example file). None of these fields will require any modification after being pasted in.

NOTE: A table in your mobile file that will only be synced as related records (a child table) also needs all five fields into every table in your mobile file that you want to sync.