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Layout names

Your sync layouts in GoZyncMobile should have exactly the same name as the table occurrence (TO) the layout is based on. Thus, in our example, the layout gzh_Contact is based on the TO "gzh_Contact".

GoZync will test these layout names when you click "refresh" on the Dashboard tab of GoZyncMobile.

Of course your actual tables, and the table occurrences in your mobile file can have different names than these TOs in GoZyncMobile.

What should be on your sync layout

These sync layouts should have just the fields you want to sync on them. That means just your "real data" fields: not globals or summary fields. In most cases you won't want calc fields on the layout, but GoZync can sync can fields if they're headed to a non-calc field on the other side. See "Calc Fields" for more info.

You should also keep related fields off your layout. You'll use the "requires" column on GoZyncHosted's Configuration tab to teach GoZync which tables are related together as entities. So you don't need to (or want to) include related fields here.

Note that you only need to have the fields you're sending from this layout present. These are the fields you're "syncing from". Fields that are just receiving data from the other side of the transaction don't need to be here.

You also don't need our gz_... fields on this layout, though it doesn't hurt to have them here: GoZync will skip them rather than try to sync them.

Needless to say, the layouts don't need any interface, as only GoZync see these, and they shouldn't have any script triggers on them. But do make sure the "Save record changes automatically" box on the "Layout Setup" dialog is checked for every sync layout.

Common Layout Issues

GoZync can't find my layout.

The most likely cause is that your layout name is slightly different from the table occurrence name in GoZyncMobile's relationships.

It could also be that the logged in user doesn't have access to the layout in question. Make sure the access privileges in your mobile file permit users to see the layout and the data it depicts.

There area clearly fields on my layout but "refresh" is telling me there are none?

If you have folders with the same names as your sync layouts OR you have more than one layout of the same name, GoZync will try to use the folder/first layout instead. (Under the hood, folders are just special layouts in FileMaker Pro.) So make sure your layout and folder names are distinct.

If it's not a name issue causing this, then you're running into a bug in FileMaker: sometimes a FileMaker layout can't be read by the FieldNames() function. The fix is to delete the layout and create a new one of the same name. Odd, I know, but this works. And since GoZync looks for layouts by name, making a new one with the correct name is all you have to do.

You have related fields on the layout

If you see this error in GoZyncHosted's Configuration tab, you may have one or two related fields on the layout. Please remove them and create a new sync layout for that table, linking it to GoZyncMobile on its own. See Related Records for more.

You can also get this error if the table occurrence the layout is based on was changed after all the fields were added. Thus the fields aren't from the same table as the layout.