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Retrieving Account Names


The best mobile solutions present users with just the data they need at any given time. So if you want your mobile solutions to be truly fast, you need to sync just a subset of your hosted data down to your mobile files. We call this "filtering" and this is how you bring down just one user's records, or just their active records. The more specific the better: you can read more about how GoZync lets you use Find Requests to do this here: downloading found sets.

A crucial part of many of these find requests is determining who is using the system so you can pull down just their records. Advanced developers will have many different approaches to this, but GoZync makes it to just use the logged in users's account name.

Use Get (AccountName ) in Your Hosted file.

Because the "Filter Records to Pull" script--the script that need to know the user's account name-- is in your hosted file, and users have logged in as part of syncing, you can simply set a variable to Get (AccountName ) at the beginning of that script, and then use that variable in the scripts find requests.